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the Changery

the Changery
We are travellers…

We’re travellers.

We meet in your country.

You tell us stories that make you proud and happy.

You also confide to us your challenges and struggles,

And the problems that remain unsolved.

That’s where our journey starts.


We walk together, side by side, 

Up and down the steep slopes.

We offer you a hand over the slippery rocks,

Crossing the river that divides countries.

We go down that path ourselves many times,

Building our own bridges.


During our journey we meet local people,

Courageous people, who have faced their daemons

And honour their scars.

People who are full of love, with an open heart and mind

And who are not afraid to ask questions 

To which the answer cannot be known,

Only felt.


When we finally reach the summit,

We feel exhausted, but full of pride and companionship.

We turn around to discover how high we’ve climbed,

Only to see how close your country really is.